Although most of my time is spent creating wedding films, I have been shooting as a photographer for many years. Over the past 24 months I've been making the move to shooting less with digital camera's and more with film camera's for my photography, now I'm pretty much 100% film these days. My go to film stock is Kodak Portra 400 on both medium format and 35mm, it just looks great, imperfect at times, a little grain and wonderful tones. Black and white I tend to use Kodak Tri-X400, a real classic look.

In the Spring I was asked to shoot for the Luxury wedding magazine Unveiled, shooting entirely on Kodak film at the Darlington Civic Theatre with a simple and classic brief. We had such a good shoot and the film camera's never let me down. With development and scanning in the good hands of UK Film Lab, lots of planning and pre production to nail lighting down and we were good to go.

I'm really pleased how the shots came out, the thing that gives me a buzz about film is that you can't look at the back of the camera and see what it looks like, you can't take thousands of photos to nail one shot. I have 15 shots on a roll of medium format and it can get pretty expensive if you burn through shots too quick and not think. You work slower, more thoughtful and I think I see more too. The 10 day wait to get your scans back from the lab and that email that pings my inbox from Christian to tell me my scans are ready to download, its all part of why I now choose to stuff my cameras with rolls of film and not little cards when I have my photographer hat on.....Oh and its that look, the look only film can do.

Enjoy this small curated selection of favourites and be sure to pick up a copy of Unveiled at one of the many Wedding Fayres and venues across the North.


Photography by Richard Leng
Styling by Peta Clarke
Dresses by Poppy Bridal
Makeup by Jo Leversuch
Hair by Contemporary Salons
Talent / Model Katherine Lees 
Editorial for Unveiled Magazine