Hey there, I'm Richard. We are Cinematic wedding film makers based in the North East near County Durham. We aim to take the cheese out of wedding films and sprinkle a dash of cool well and truly all over it. We love to make films, tell stories and be as creative and visual as we dare, to push those boundaries and create cinematic films that will wear out your rewind button. Our background is slightly different than most wedding videographers. A mix of action sports, Graphic Design and shovels full of Photography all shape how we film and we love it. Who'd have thought these little metal and glass boxes would have changed our lives. 

The two cats Charlie and Nico keep us company in the edit room along with huge mugs of tea and the occasional bag of peanut M&M's. New York is our favourite place and we're a complete sucker for a movie night. Filling our weeks with something that we love is amazing and we wouldn't change it for the world, we hope you can see that in our work.

If your looking for your wedding day to be filmed but really aren't the wedding film type of people, We may just be what your looking for so lets grab a brew together, sit down and tell us about you. See you soon.

This is the first short that we made and pretty much the first time we used our camera's to film. A little beauty piece that was shot at sunrise at the beach, We'd change so much of it now but it started our journey and addiction for capturing moving images as well as stills and what is possible when you just want to get out and shoot. It reminds us of why we started this in the first place. Even with all its faults we still love it for what it is to us.