Aurelie & Clement decided to have their wedding in the stunning Fattoria e Villa di Rignana in Tuscany. A home from home nestled in the hills of Chianti with their ceremony in the small town of Panzano. The Church of Santa Maria high up on the hill was the perfect setting for them to exchange their vows with all their loved ones with them. The day started by the pool, calm and serene with hours to relax before getting ready in the stunning house at Rignana. This wasn't just about a wedding, it was about having all their family and friends with them for the weekend to enjoy a part of the world they'd come to love, a part of the world that has its own pace. Everything about this gathering was perfect. From the evening before the wedding day where everyone gathered outside Enoteca Baldi, a popular wine bar serving Aperitif, easing into the weekend with Italian treats and Spritz. Then the relaxed wedding day purely aimed at having the most amazing time and just being together with everyone they love. 

The team at Rignana were incredible, making everything just perfect but hardly noticeable. Making a home from home for their guests. This was the thing that stood out for me personally, this place felt like home, authentic and real.